Lee Siew Han “Trixie”

Founder – Gentle Mind

Hi there! I’m Han…

I’m a big believer in a humanistic and emphatic stance when helping individuals empower themselves. My experience working in educational, in-patient hospital settings, as well as in private practice has shown me that with compassionate support, people have the capacity for solving their own problems.

My role is to assist clients in identifying the obstacles getting in their way, and co-create solutions to help them overcome their struggles. I tailor each client’s treatment according to their unique needs and integrate multidisciplinary approaches such as psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioral, interpersonal and/ or skills training when needed.

Who do I work with?

Working with Adults:

It’s not uncommon for ADHDers to have co-occurring issues such as anxiety, OCD, phobias, past trauma and depression. If this is you, I can support you on your healing journey. If you have had undiagnosed ADHD for so long, it makes sense to have developed coping mechanisms along the way that may not be very helpful. This is where our work together lies- in developing compassionate self-knowledge and moving you forward in healthier ways.

Working With Adults supporting ADHDers:

Living with someone with ADHD can be challenging. The symptoms and management of ADHD take up a lot of space in our practical lives and relationships, sometimes resulting in pushing our own issues to the side. Feeling under-resourced may also trigger our own issues, attachment wounds and past traumas. “We can’t pour from an empty cup” is cliche but it’s also true.

If you want to work with me, I am currently accepting new clients for counselling in-person and online.

Areas of Experience

Chronic Illness
Stress Management
Anger Management
Trauma / PTSD
Emotion Regulation
Managing Life Transitions
Grief and Loss
Self Development and Emotional Well-being
Interpersonal Skills / Relationship Coaching

A Little About Me

I love “Shinrin Roku” (Forest Bathing) and often start my days out on nature walks. Starting the day grounded and in nature is very soothing to my nervous system.

If I’m not on my walk, bright and early, it’s likely because I stayed up all night reading. I’m a loud and proud bibliophile. I love books! I love reading books, collecting books, buying books, talking about books…


Masters in Counselling (Monash University) | BS Psychology | (APACS) Certified Master Practitioner Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Singapore | (SAC) Singapore Association of Counsellors | Specialist Training in: Certified Trauma Clinical Professional | (ACT) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy | (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | (SFBT) Solution Focused Brief Therapy | (IFS) Internal Family Systems | (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique | Psychodynamic Therapy | Person-centered Therapy

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