Release Your Creativity Through Bullet Journaling

by | Self Care Needs

This activity does not only showcase your creative side. Bullet journaling actually allows you to easily track your schedule, plans, to do lists, and notes and put them into a creative and visually appealing format.

The best part about this is that you can make this from scratch and everything in it can be personalized. You can include here some doodling, sketching, color-coded notes, mind maps, and other creative ways you can express your thoughts and feelings.

Bullet journals are actually a good way to help you get organized and productive while also expressing yourself creatively.

​Here is an easy-to-follow step to doing a bullet journal.


<span class="before-author">AUTHOR</span><br>Mimi Syjuco

Mimi Syjuco

ADHD Coach • Counsellor • Life Coach As a trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming counselor and life coach, my goal is to walk with you on the path of healing, positive change, empowerment and well-being.


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